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The application development process is fast and iterative. We can take a recently hatched idea, gather requirements, design, and rapidly develop an elegant and powerful application.


Either developing an app for iPhone or iPad, or expanding the reach to Apple wearables and other smart devices, we take full responsibility for creating experiences on behalf of our client’s brand. So far, we have successfully fulfilled this mission for dozens of companies, innovative startups as well as large enterprises.

Gordian Solutions could be your one-stop service provider. Our designers and engineers have always been in tune with the latest Apple standards, requirements and constantly updating iOS features.We follow the trends, keep up with novelties and high-end technology. Yet, we stick to the most reliable and efficient tools to build our applications. Relying on our iPhone application development services, you can be sure your product is built on the optimal tech stack which will guarantee consistency, data security, and excellent performance for your app.


End-to-End Android app development services from business analysis to delivering a ready-to-use Android app and putting it in good standing on Google Play Store.

Developing an Android app with Gordian Solutions, you can be sure you will get a product built in consideration with design trends and Google best practices. Our specialists will put together an exclusive blend of technologies for an elegant and functional system. Lightweight, yet powerful, your app will stand out for its consistent performance and speed, secure data flow and optimized memory use.